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Celebrity Style Events is a large scale event production company in Columbus, Ohio and serving locations globally. 

We create an celebrity experience for our clients with a unique experience to planning and design.

Let us put a celebrity style touch on your festival, concert, wedding, corporate gathering, conference or expo.


To deliver exceptional event experiences... 


To be the leading event production company, globally! 

Meet Trish Wright...

Trish’s business is fabulous, and she is the boss!


Thirteen years ago Trish decided to make the ultimate career move & pursue her passion of wedding planning and large scale events full time. With God as her business partner, she has been blessed to be living her dream and has planned dozens of weddings and large scale productions with to date having more than 30,000 people attend her productions.

Born right in the buckeye city of Columbus, Ohio and the eldest of six children. Trish is a natural-born leader and organizer. Planning and keeping everything and everyone organized comes second nature. So keeping a wedding party or musical bands on time and in line is a piece of cake; literally.


Living for all things fabulous, Trish creates custom one of a kind designs for each of her clients, giving clients the ultimate celebrity experience. This gives clients a totally unique event production and wedding that can’t be duplicated.


Trish is not only the Chief Executive Officer of Celebrity Style Events, but is also a serial entrepreneur with multiple companies under her belt. 


Celebrity Style Events annually produces; Columbus Caribbean Festival, Columbus Food & Wine Festival and the Columbus Baby Expo.


Contact Trish to learn more about her business, organizations, or to book her for speaking engagements. Please use the contact information below.


Trish’s belief is you can have faith or fear, but you can’t have both.

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